As we all are aware Brands are prone to various forms of attack and counterfeitting is the worst attack of all when brand attacks occur, brand owners lose the revenue and market share which is legitimately theirs. More importantly, their reputation, image and finances suffer huge damage. Protecting your brand against counterfeitting is more challenging today than every before. We at Braand Defence Consultingg are your trusted Brand protection partner. We provide 3600 IP Management & Brand protection consultation to protect your brand, both online & offline.

Identification and Registration of your intelectual property are the essential parameters to create a Brand, but what if you don't protect your intelectual property? Ultimately it will lead to brand abuse & brand infringement. We are here to extend our support to advise you on the best strategy and help you to take appropriate actions against counterfeitting.

Vision Statement

To formulate the best Brand protection strategies and extend complete support to indian and global brands to combat against brand infringements & counterfeitting.

Why Brand Protection

Effective Solutions for your IP

End-to-End service supported by IP Portfolio Management software

Cost effective offerings

High ethical Standards

Trained investigators & Associates, Lawyers with knowledge of Anti-Bribery legislations

Cumulative experience of more than 12 years in IP Management & Brand Protection

Team of investigators supported by lawyers, Brand Protection experts & Ex-Police officers

Exhaustive experience in employee trainings – IPR & Brand Protection for Legal & Non-Legal

Presence in India, Bangladesh,Sri Lanka,Middle East.

How associating with us might make it easy for a client to register their products at the customs.